HUG Talks

Below is a list of talks given by HUG members to various Highland and Scottish conferences and training events.

Creativity, Stigma and Mental Illness - November 2010
2010 Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

Being Sectioned - 2 November 2010
Mental Health and the Law - The System, Stigma and Jargon

User Involvement - 28 October 2010
Peer Support Fife, Cupar

Mental Health in the Workplace - September and October 2010
Healthy Working Lives Carrots and Sticks - 19 April 2010
Talk given by Keir Hardie to a SAMH Members Forum in Edinburgh

Why Work in Mental Health? - November 2009
Penumbra annual conference, Crieff Hydro

Personalised Care and The Contract Culture - October 2009
Housing and support conference

Nairn CAB talk - September 2009
Talk given to Nairn CAB on HUG

My Road of Recovery from BPD - September 2009
Talk from HUG member Judith

Recovery and HUG - September 2009
Talk from the Borderline Personality Conference

FEVA talk at Redhall, Edinburgh - September 2009
Talk given at FEVA event

Welfare Reform - May 2009
Holyrood Event talk on a mental health perspective

Isolation and Recovery - May 2009
Second talk given at ICCF. This one from member Chris Evans.

HUG and Isolation - May 2009
Talk given at ICCF celebration of Older Persons services

Peer Support - April 2009
Talk given by HUG member Chris Evans

User Involvement in Research - March 2009
Talk at Stirling University - Valuing People as Experts in their own Lives Conference

The Principles of the Mental Health Act - March 2009
Talk from Principles in to Practice Conference

The Mental Health Act - five years on
Talk from conference September 2008

Men and Mental Health - May 2008
Talk at conference 2008

Hug Involvement - June 2008
Talk by one of our HUG members; Kaye

Psychological Therapies (Labour Party(VOX)) - Mar 2008
Talk at the Labour Party Fringe Meeting

Recovery Talk May 2007
Further talks on recovery

Recovery Talk Feb 2007
Talk on recovery from a mental health problem

Vox (Voices of Experience) - Feb 2007
Voices of Experience Talk

Scottish Film and Mental Health Festival - October 2007

Employment 07 MOD
Talk by HUG directed at the Ministry of Defence

Acute Care. Who Cares?
Talk 2007.

Royal College of Psychiatrists
Talk to Royal College of Psychiatrists July 06

A Users View of the Mental Health Act
ADSW Conference & Mental Health Nursing Conference
February 2004

Crisis Services
- Labour Party Fringe Meeting, February 11 2004

User Involvement - The Scottish Context
A personal view by Keir Hardie, CCPS Conference, Nov 2003

Human Rights and People with Mental Health Problems
- Cross-Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, May 2002

Beyond Survival: Understanding Suicide and Self Harm
- Fife, November 2001

Mind over Structure
- Designed to Involve Conference, October 2001

Being a Parent with a Mental Illness
- Who Cares Conference, National Schizophrenia Fellowship, September 2001

The Democratic Deficit: A Patient's Perspective
- The Scottish NHS Confederation Conference, August 2001

Challenging Stigma -
The Launch of the People Too campaign at the Scottish Parliament, 2001

Good Practice in User Involvement
- Scottish Community Care Forum Conference, April 2001

Employment and Mental Health
- Joint Committee on Action for Community Care Awareness Day, January 2001

Coercion and Compliance of Voluntary Patients
- Mental Health Officer Awareness Training - 2000/2001

Good Practice in Mental Health
- Presentation to Highland Primary Care NHS Trust, December 2000

The Stigma of Mental Illness
- Joint National Schizophrenia Fellowship Scotland Conference with Maudsley Hospital Psychosis Unit, September 2000

Developing the HUG Network
- Allies in Change, June 2000

Turning Words into Action
- Modernising Community Care Conference, 1999

Attitudes to Mental Illness: A User's Perspective
- Joint National Schizophrenia Fellowship Scotland Conference with Maudsley Hospital Psychosis Unit, 1998

Mental Health Services in 25 Years Time - My Vision
- SAMH 75th Anniversary Conference 1998

Living with a Mental Illness
- Police Awareness Training, January 1998

Getting Back to Work
- Pavillion Conference on Employment, January 1998

Improving Mental Health Services From a User's Perspective - SHAS Conference, October 1997

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