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HUG works on the principle (based on experience) that direct user-testimony, provided in a safe setting, can encourage dialogue on an equal basis and so facilitate changes in attitude and practice.


The main aims of HUG's mental health awareness training are:

  •  To provide a unique user-perspective based on direct personal testimony from  users.
  •  To provide a valuable opportunity to explore issues, increase understanding and  empathy.
  •  Improve understanding of the lives and experiences of people living with mental  illness.
  •  To improve communications (and ultimately service delivery) between people  with mental health problems and professionals.
  •  Increase understanding of how users wish to be treated and encourage good  practice in the treatment and care of mental health service users.

Why user-led

Currently there is limited awareness by some health and social care professionals of the issues or perspectives of users, and this has been well documented in HUG reports.

HUG members regularly report on negative professional attitudes and poor practice in the treatment and care of mental health service users.

The value and impact of user-led training has been recognised and acknowledged by statutory agencies in the Highlands.



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