About HUG

HUG is a collective advocacy group, which represents the interests of users of mental health services across the Highlands.

Our main aim is to improve the way in which we, as users of mental health services, are treated by campaigning to improve the rights, services and treatments of people with mental health problems.

The HUG Communications Project challenges the stigma surrounding mental health problems through working with young people, the media and delivering awareness training to professionals.

HUG works on a local, Highland and national level to influence policy and planning, and strives to ensure that the user voice is heard clearly in the development and delivery of services.

The Scottish Health Advisory Service, in the report reviewing Highland mental health services in May 2000, stated:
"The Highland mental health service has one of the most established service user networks in Scotland&&Over the last few years HUG has produced an extensive range of reports that capture the experiences of service users&."

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